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Louise Tyler

Played by Azuka Oforka

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1st October 2011
Band 5 Nurse

Louise is extremely sassy, candid and loves to be in control. She is a truth-teller, and has no problem with giving a dressing-down to anyone she considers lazy, a timewaster, in the wrong, or simply in her way! You can always rely on Louise to say it how it is.

We first met Louise when she was working as a call-taker at ambulance dispatch, but she soon moved to the ED reception where her bossy and meticulous nature suited her role to the ground, and reception soon became her kingdom. But as time went by, Louise couldn’t help but get more involved with patients than her role required, and it became clear why when it transpired that Louise used to work as a nurse. Now Louise has put her demons behind her, and has donned a pair of scrubs once again.

Louise Facts:

  • When she worked as a receptionist, Louise had a fear of resus, which stemmed from bad experiences from a past eating disorder.
  • Louise used to work at St. Lawrence’s Hospital as a nurse with Jacob before she came to Holby.
  • Louise originally gave up nursing out of guilt when a patient lost their baby on her shift.