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The Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor was a fascinating combination of bonhomie and loneliness. He felt the loss of Rose Tyler very keenly but approached all his adventures with a life-affirming gusto!

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Also known as:
Doctor James McCrimmon
Home Planet:
Random ‘Yes!’ Moment:
That cool speech on the Titanic!
He had a habit of saying ‘Allons-y’ which means ‘Let’s go!’
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The Tenth Doctor was a charismatic mixture of apparent opposites… He could show extraordinary kindness and sensitivity, but he himself admitted he was a man who gave no second chances. As Donna Noble pointed out to him, ‘I think sometimes you need somebody to stop you.’

“This new hand… It's a fightin' hand!
The Doctor

But by and large the Tenth Doctor was a happy traveller who found wonder in everything from quirky little words to a rampaging werewolf. He roamed time and space with Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones and Donna Noble and all of them showed him tremendous loyalty. No wonder Sarah Jane declared, ‘You've got the biggest family on Earth!’

When he knew his regeneration was imminent he visited many of the individuals who had shared his adventures. His penultimate trip was to the Powell Estate where he briefly chatted to Rose Tyler, shortly before they were due to meet ‘properly’ for the first time, prior to their journeys together. With the help of the Ood, he then made it back to the TARDIS, began his final voyage and uttered the words, ‘I don’t want to go!’ Some would claim he always says that…