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Howard Bellamy

Howard was disciplined, highly organised and emotionally repressed.

Howard came from a military background, having worked his way up through the ranks to become an officer. When he left the military, he went straight to work in the Health Service.

After a career in the army, Howard moved into medical administration, working for some years for the local Primary Care Trust. He joined The Mill at a turbulent time, having to get the practice through a re-accreditation, and dealing with the departure of a number of staff and the death of a beloved Nurse.

He defended The Mill and its staff against Gary Lucas, who was trying to implement Super Clinics in the area, on more than one occasion, as well as protecting The Mill from Franc, a locum who tried to bring them down and attempted to burn The Mill to the ground. He also battled his own internal demons to overcome Bulimia, something he managed to keep secret.

He would always deal with problems in the correct manner, suspending Al when he was suspected of stalking Jas, and loved his spreadsheets but when The Mill was in jeopardy he wasn’t averse to some risk taking.

Howard lived alone, a short relationship with Gina ended after he decided he was more interested in Emma, with whom he had an on-off relationship, starting when Emma was still married to Sam. Eventually, he and Emma decided to give it a go, embarking on a 40 Day Date. Although the relationship eventually failed Emma soon after discovered she was pregnant, and they decided to give it another go and bring up the baby together.

After Emma suffered a miscarriage, Howard collapsed shortly after and died from a brain aneurism. He is survived by his estranged daughter, Amelia.

Ian Kelsey

  • Before landing the role of practice manager, Ian has been in Where the Heart Is, Emmerdale, Holby City, Casualty and The Bill. He has also appeared on stage in Grease and Chicago
  • Used to build trains for BREL
  • Ian was present at his own Funeral for ‘Dave Glover’ in Emmerdale as he was an ‘extra’ at the service
  • Gained his Equity Card from dancing in 'Diamond Lil's Saloon' at The American Adventure theme park in Derbyshire