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Freddie Pargetter

The Pargetter twins didn't have an easy start.

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Played by:
Toby Laurence
12 December 1999
Currently in a Young Offender's Institution
Lives at:
Lower Loxley Hall

Both born by Caesarian section because of their mother Elizabeth's heart condition, underweight Freddie was in special care for several days. As the twins entered their final year at Loxley Barratt Primary, Nigel conceded to Elizabeth's reluctance to send them away to boarding school. But it was tough for Freddie, as Nigel insisted that he and the more capable Lily crammed for the entrance exams for the Cathedral School in Felpersham.

After his father's death, Freddie threw himself into becoming the new Nigel - particularly where riding was concerned.

Freddie's poor GCSE grades meant he couldn't stay on at the Cathedral School. He enrolled at Borchester College and in support of her brother, Lily did the same.

Shut up, Lily! I'm going to the Rare Breeds.
Freddie Pargetter
  • Likes - DJ-ing and finding any excuse to have fun
  • Dislikes - School, especially maths
  • Highs - Bunking off school to go to the Isle of Wight festival with Johnny
  • Lows - The untimely death of his father

Immediate family

Toby on Freddie

He’s s an extremely fun-loving, caring, and very loyal soul, though he doesn't always show it, who honestly thinks the world of his friends and family. He follows stringently his heart over his head, which, granted, gets him in to some trouble at times, but most often with all the best of intentions and a firm belief in his own concept of justice, right or wrong. He's had a rough time growing up since his father tragically passed away, and this still rocks him to his core all these years later. I think he feels very isolated at times without a strong male figure in his life, under immense pressure with every mention of his impending inheritance of Lower Loxley only another cold reminder that his Dad isn’t there anymore. He’d be lost without his mother Elizabeth and twin sister Lily, who, though they bicker, he knows will always have his back, as he will theirs. He does, however, find it very hard to live up to his sister’s consistent successes, both socially but mostly academically, which puts a strain on their relationship as well as his mounting insecurities. He’s a kind-hearted, troubled young man, courageously trying to find his place in the world, and only time will tell which paths he’ll take in search of what he’s looking for.