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Ayesha Lee

Kind, practical and feisty but can also be sulky and sarcastic.

Ayesha replaced Mandy Marquez as Practice Nurse at The Mill. She is kind, practical and feisty but can also be sulky and sarcastic. She is a real party animal, and loves going clubbing; this usually means she’s hungover and late for work the next day – thereby risking the wrath of Mrs. Tembe!

She has a fractious relationship with her mother Bren, whose alcoholism resulted in Ayesha’s little sister Sierra going to live with their Aunt Tracey.

After being invited round to Emma’s for a games night one evening, Ayesha ended up spending the weekend there and hasn’t left since! She doesn’t drink tea or coffee, but will often have hot squash.

When Sid joined the practice she was immediately attracted to him and before long they were dating. However, the relationship was not to last.

She also has a half-sister called Debs, and a brother called Karl who is in the army. She has never met her father.

Laura Rollins

  • Laura is originally from Birmingham.
  • She has appeared in a number of theatre productions, and has previously performed on stage with Doctors co-star Lorna Laidlaw, who plays Mrs. Tembe.
  • Laura wanted to be a Marine Biologist when she was younger and hoped to marry her love of acting and marine biology by starring in Free Willy 4.
  • She is dinosaur obsessed and watches Jurassic Park at least twice a month.
  • She dreams in French - but can't speak it when awake!
  • When she was 17, Laura debated at the Model United Nations conference in Geneva.