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Eleri holds court with entertaining guests, great music, and experts taking your calls every weekday from 2 PM.

"Hello there. Nice to see you! Thank you for checking in. Just for the record, I am shorter in real life! I am actually 5 foot, 1 and three quarter inches tall ... personally I don’t think I need to be taller. It's not kept me back in life.

I grew up to become 5’1 and three quarter inches in Neuaddlwyd; Neuaddlwyd isn't much to look at either, and you could very easily miss it altogether on the way from Lampeter to Aberaeron. But this village is the site of probably the most influential chapel in Ceredigion, whose name at one time was known everywhere in Wales. Why? Go and find out.

At this chapel I got the bug for performing. My brother Meilyr and I started gallivanting around the Eisteddfodau of Wales. With the prize money saved up from seven years of mediocre success, I bought my second car – a Peugeot 205 in cream.

My big break as a presenter was when I was in my second year at University in Cardiff studying Welsh (for the record, it isn’t an "easy" degree just because I speak Welsh - it’s the same scenario when an English speaker studies for an English degree!!); I had an opportunity to present a Sports programme on S4C for children called CRACABANT. It is NOT a swear word!

I then started reporting on rugby for the BBC on the Saturday sports show CAMP LAWN on BBC Radio Cymru.

That was back in 1995. I know. I’ve been around for a while. Apparently I was the first woman to do this on the station. Five years later myself and Arsenal nut, Dylan Ebenezer, presented the show and it was an absolute joy. I broadcast from many of the major Welsh sporting events during that time - Wales Grand Slams, Rugby World Cup campaigns, Welsh & British Lions tours, Swansea City FC, Cardiff City FC, Newport County FC promotion campaigns and many trips to Wembley.

During those years too I spent a lot of time playing around on the 'Jonathan' show on S4C.

Which Jonathan? The one with a squeaky voice .. that’s it - Jiffy.

But those days of zorbing , paintballing , go=kart racing, wearing lycra for Nigel Owens' fitness video dealing with Rowland Phillips’ pranks and Jiffy’s micky taking are over.

Now I spend my afternoons on BBC Radio Wales and I am loving life!

This is the best job in the world ... apart of course from being a wine taster in the Napa Valley!

Until then ... “You're listening to BBC Radio Wales and I'm Eleri Sion”