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Beryl Ballard

The daughter of an Epping publican, spirited Beryl grew up without any thought of going into service.

After working in a village salon, she formed a passionate desire to work her way to the very top in hairdressing. An apprenticeship with society coiffeure Monsieur Gaston will cost her 40 guineas - money she simply does not have. So, feisty Beryl decides to take her fate in her own hands and seize her own destiny.

Harbouring a tragic secret, Beryl arrives at Eaton Place to work as a maid purely because she can live at someone else’s expense whilst she saves the requisite sum. Her ambition shines through - she makes no secret of her desire to better herself and makes it clear to the staff that she is here as a means to an end.

However, life as a housemaid comes as a rude awakening to Beryl. She is genuinely shocked by the sheer graft of it - and by the conditions in which the staff must live. She is determined to make a change – and the repercussions shake the very foundations of what being a servant means in 165 Eaton Place.

Beryl personifies the modern young woman, and proves a vibrant catalyst for change within the house. However, a romance forces her to search her heart, and reconsider her own plans... but with war looming ever present on the horizon and her sweetheart’s ex lover returning, the course of true love is far from smooth.