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Mabel Thompson

Alan Franks' mother-in-law is originally from Jamaica.

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Played by:
Mona Hammond

Mabel visits Ambridge occasionally, bringing a bunch of strong opinions - and a fearsome ginger cake - in tow. A devout Christian, she had to make a huge mind shift when Alan married Usha Gupta in 2008. Mabel was very uncomfortable with this coming together of beliefs. She lives in the hope that one day Usha will leave her Hindu roots behind and embrace the Christian church.

A boiled soup is a spoiled soup.
Mabel Thompson
  • Likes - Good old-fashioned worship, needlework
  • Dislikes - Falling standards
  • Highs - Embroidering a beautiful kneeler for Alan's church
  • Lows - The death of her daughter Catherine

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