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Masters of mystery..

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London, UK

Masters of mystery, Jungle have been building up a fanbase without ever revealing their names or faces.

One of the most intriguing and fresh sounding bands out there
Huw Stephens

All we know is that the group comprises of T and J – who grew up as neighbours in West London.

They claim that they got into music “like any 11 or 12 year old does - from having a guitar lying round”, but their slippery, tribal funk sounds more like it was inspired by the seedy nightlife of 1970s New York.

Both of their singles have gone viral thanks to attention-grabbing, share-friendly videos. Platoon stars B-Girl Terra, a six year old break-dancer, while The Heat showcases some jaw-dropping roller skate routines.

The enigmatic duo plan on releasing an album in 2014, but want to wait until they’re happy with the music, rather than working towards a deadline. They say their work is “built on friendship and enjoying the creative process”.

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