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Captain Lundvik

All her life she dreamt about reaching Earth’s nearest satellite and walking on the lunar surface… But once she got there, Captain Lundvik’s agenda became very different: Kill the moon!

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‘There was a mining survey,’ Lundvik explained to the Doctor as they trudged across the moon. ‘Something happened up here. Nobody knows what. That’s when the trouble began back on Earth, High tide everywhere at once… the greatest natural disaster in history!’

You want today to be the day life on Earth stopped because you couldn’t make an unfair decision?

Mankind’s problem was obvious. It had stopped ‘looking up’ meaning that a ragbag team of three ‘third hand astronauts’ in a ‘second hand shuttle’ was the best it could muster to send on a lunar expedition to investigate. But Captain Lundvik led the team with icy determination. The moon may have been her dream but she was resolved to save Earth no matter what, even if it meant taking the life of a unique, beautiful life form.

Lundvik’s toughness was allied with a strong cynical streak. ‘When you’ve grown up a bit,’ she once told Courtney, ‘you’ll realise that life doesn’t have to be nice. Some things are just bad.’ Perhaps her experience of space exacerbated her lack of sentimentality. ‘You see the edge of the Earth?’ she said to Clara and Courtney. ‘The atmosphere? That’s paper thin - that’s the only thing that keeps us all from death. Everything around it - all the stars, the blackness - that’s dead. Sadly, that is the only life that any of us will ever know.’

Lundvik had a dry sense of humour, joking that she recognised ‘ground control’ because of his haircut, and when Courtney announced she had a physics book, the Captain’s response was a deadpan, ‘Super! Is there a word search?’

Ultimately, however, she was willing to kill the creature inside the moon, but Clara’s intervention prevented her from taking such a drastic step. And back on Earth, after the ‘new moon’ appeared in the heavens, the tough, no nonsense Lundvik softened. ‘Thank you for stopping me,’ she said to Clara. ‘Thank you for giving me the moon back.’