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Dominic Copeland

Played by David Ames

Fact title Fact data
23rd Apil 2013
Specialist Trainee 4

Troubled and trouble in equal measure, Dom is a quick-witted and gifted doctor. Once a wily schemer, Dom has proved himself to be fiercely protective of and generous towards those he favours. Despite his outward bravado, he is actually very sensitive and easily wounded, often believing himself to be the victim and justifying his actions as self-defence.

Fancy a ménage-à-trois? The cocktail, silly! You’re not really my type.
Dominic Copeland

When it comes to fact versus fiction, Dom prefers to glamorise. Complicated, unpredictable and a wicked sense of humour, one thing’s for sure: things are a lot more interesting when Dom’s around.