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Kate Mitchell

Police constable Kate Morton (Tyler) bagged herself a bad boy in more ways than one when she went undercover to set up Phil Mitchell in a honeytrap.

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First appearance:
24th December 2002
Last appearance:
7th January 2005
Ex-Police officer

Phil remained in blissful ignorance, and assumed that it was natural and normal for a beautiful intelligent woman like Kate to fall for his warm, caring persona. Don't laugh – it could happen. Phil, however, discovered that Kate was a copper and was all set to throw her out, until Kate revealed that she wanted him, not the job.

You've got lovely hands.
Kate Mitchell

True to form, Phil reacted to this declaration in good East End style by smashing a bottle and threatening Kate. Instead of pressing charges, she declared her undying love for him. They married, but the happiness didn't last and the marriage soon turned sour.

Kate began to look elsewhere and began an affair with Den Watts (she'd already slept with Dennis, and had to collect the set). Feisty crimper Chrissie found out and hacked her love rival's hair off, leaving Kate no choice but to leave Walford for the force in Brighton. Well, the helmet would cover up her new do, at the very least...

Played by Jill Halfpenny