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Masood Ahmed

The Alpha 'mail' of the Masood family, good-natured postman Masood spends much of his time smoothing over the problems in his family.

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First appearance:
16th October 2007
Last appearance:
17th November 2016
41 Albert Square

As well as his postal duties, Masood used to co-run Masala Masood, and was coaxed into buying the Argee Bhajee, which he promptly handed over to Tamwar. In spite of, or often because of their business ventures, the Masood family frequently seem to be in debt. And even though his intentions are usually good, Masood often makes financial matters worse. The family business came to a head when the bailiffs arrived at Christian and Syed’s wedding, repossessing the Argee Bhajee.

Recently, Masood’s life has been shaken up even further, with the death of his mother, acrimonious departure of AJ, and his quick affair with alcohol.

Played by Nitin Ganatra