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Libby Fox

Libby was a bookworm who hated dressing up - unlike her glamorous, outgoing sister, Chelsea.

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First appearance:
22nd May 2006
Last appearance:
18th April 2014
University Student

´╗┐Libby was one of the few Walford residents to attend Oxford University - much to her mum Denise's delight... and competitive mum Zainab's horror! Zainab always felt that son Tamwar should have pursued an academic career in those hallowed halls.

I told you so.
Libby Fox

Denise was very proud of her brainy daughter, and her less academic sister Chelsea always felt inferior in comparison.

However when it came to love, Libby wasn't looking for another brainiac. She chose University Challenged Darren Miller, who had ambition but very little formal education. But things went awry when she discovered that he was George Trott's father.

When not stuck with her heads in her books, caring Libby found the time to let ex-con father Owen back into her life. Not an easy thing to do when your dad once tried to drown you.

However tragedy struck when Owen's body was found buried in the Square.

Libby was horrified when it was revealed that he was killed by Lucas, Chelsea's dad, who had also killed his ex-wife Trina, and held her mum hostage.

Played by Belinda Owusu