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Kieren Walker

18 years old. Kieren’s always been a bit different.

In his first life, he was into everything alternative: music, books, counter-culture in general.

Who’d want someone like me?”

He committed suicide five years ago, when his best mate (or was it more?) Rick died in Afghanistan. Kieren rose from his grave during the night of the Rising, and as an untreated zombie, hunted the Living with Amy Dyer.

He was eventually treated and sent back to his home village of Roarton, where he was forced to face up to his family, a hostile community and the terrible things he did in his untreated state.

We re-join Kieren nine months on, planning to get the hell out of Roarton… but the truth of the matter is; he’s running away from himself.

Will he ever be able to accept himself as Undead? And can he escape before he’s caught in the cross-fire as two worlds collide?

Luke Newberry

As well as starring in In the Flesh, Luke has had supporting roles in Lightfields, Sherlock, Mrs Biggs, Quartet, Anna Karenina and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.