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Nic Gorini

Nic likes functional layouts that maximize spaces with made to measure solutions, making the most of every square inch.

1. Who is your style hero?

I have to say that the world is my style hero. Every city I have visited, every little market I have discovered, and every person I have met. It all inspires me to create.

2. If you had an unlimited budget to spend on your home what improvements would you make?

I would build a garden around it.

3. Would you have the room you created in your own home?


4. What did you learn from taking part in ‘Your Home In Their Hands’?

I am good at transforming places. I have made more space out of the existing space and brought comfort and style to it.

5. What is your golden rule when it comes to interior design?

Functionality comes first. Style is just a canvas for people's memories and experiences.

6. What is your DIY tool that you just can’t live without?

An A3 block and two pencils.

7. What is your biggest DIY achievement?

My own house.

8. What is your biggest DIY disaster?

I'll tell you when I see it.

9. If you could design a room in any building in the world, what room would you design and why?

I can't wait to design my next house, comprising of a kitchen with a house around it and on a nice garden. My place is a reflection of my own existence.