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Rupert Maas

Rupert followed the family business and became an art dealer. He works from a gallery in the West End of London, which was started by his father Jeremy Maas.

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A William Orpen painting

The Maas Gallery specialises in Pre-Raphaelites, English Romantic and Modern British pictures. Rupert has organised a number of important exhibitions at the gallery, including John Ruskin and his circle, Pre-Raphaelites and Romantics, Victorian paintings, British illustrators, Edward Burne-Jones and Victorian fairy paintings. He also writes and lectures on Victorian art.

Rupert has been working with the Antiques Roadshow pictures team since 1997. His most memorable discovery came just a few years ago in Greenwich, when a picture appeared which the owner believed to be a copy of a William Orpen painting. On further investigation, Rupert deduced it was in fact an original work by the man himself and worth a staggering £250,000!

If Rupert were to choose one of his favourite items in his own collection, it would be a 1930s etched glass panel depicting a mermaid chasing a sea horse, which is displayed – rather appropriately – under the bath tub. Outside the art world, Rupert’s favourite pastimes are playing the piano, walking the dog, and sailing – although he’s yet to find a way to do all three at the same time!