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The UN Secretary General

Just when Bill thought she was finally alone with Penny, the Secretary General of the UN interrupts their date, asking for help from the President of the World: The Doctor. Whisking Bill away and telling her that "in times of unusual danger" the Doctor's presidential status is made official, he informs Bill about a disputed area near the border of Turmezistan, in which an inexplicable, ancient pyramid has landed.

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Forcing the Doctor to accompany him to the military hotspot by hijacking the TARDIS onto his plane, the UN Secretary General leads the Doctor to the strange pyramid, where the Monks are waiting for him. Terrified by their power and the devastated future they predict, the Secretary General is the first person to step up and accept the Monks' offer of help. "What I saw was real. I felt it. If you can help us, I consent." But the Monks deem his consent to be a fearful act, rather than one of pure consent, and the Secretary General becomes their first fatality.