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3. Angel Haze

In your face and in your ear, Angel Haze's flow is relentless yet full of surprises.

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New York City

With several breakthrough artists of the last 12 months having first courted the mainstream's attention with mixtape releases, it was inevitable that one of 2013's very brightest prospects would have emerged through the same route as Frank Ocean, A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd.

But Michigan rapper Angel Haze could yet eclipse even the tremendous successes of this mighty triumvirate. Her mixtapes of 2012 - Reservation and Classick - were widely revered, their quality of a standard beyond so much major-label rap fare. Haze's detailed depictions of a troubled past, delivered with assured flow, immediately drew interest from the music industry's most prominent seats of power. And, sure enough, she inked a deal with Island Records in late 2012.

With such a substantial stable on her side, and tracks like New York and Werkin' Girls breezing to six-figure play counts on YouTube, 2013 looks to be a momentous year for this gifted young MC.

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