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Denise Fox

Urban legend has it that Denise Fox was the inspiration for Destiny's Child's Survivor, and we see no need to dispute that. Cross her at your peril, because she's a born fighter.

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First appearance:
11th May 2006
20 Albert Square
Minute Mart Manager

Denise has been let down by man after man – her father deserted her, Chelsea's dad Lucas chose drugs over her, and Libby's dad Owen was drunk and abusive, causing her to flee with her girls.

Kevin Wicks worked tirelessly to break down her guard, but was tragically killed. Although she never quite gives up on the men in her life (and her brief stint as a cougar with Fatboy is testament to that), it was always Denise’s girls that were her primary focus – but alas, they have flown the nest. Chelsea left for leaving for sunnier climes and Libby heading off to university... she always was the brainier of the two.

But life is not without its drama, especially when Denise struck up a liking for Ian Beale, with romance between the unlikely two soon blossoming...

Played by Diane Parish