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A little bit about Dan

Name: Dan

Where were you born?


Favourite present you got as a kid?

NINTENDO SIXTY FOUURRRRRRRR (my reaction wasn't quite as entertaining but it still blew my mind).

Biggest achievement?

Completing Call of Duty: World at War on Veteran difficulty.

Favourite song?

Ever?! What an impossible question to answer! I'll cop out and say Citizen Erased by Muse.

Favourite YoutTube clip?

Beyonce Clown. You can literally FEEL the impact. Ouch. Amazing.

Most embarrassing hair do?

I once brought a picture of Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari into one of those £3 haircut barbers when I was 14 and they literally gave me a bowl-cut. As in literally a bowl, it happened to me. It was as horrific as it sounds.

Three rules you live your life by?

  1. If you get out of bed in winter as the sun is setting you should probably go to bed earlier.
  2. There's no point dwelling on something in the past.
  3. and... YOLO. really forget the morons and think about it it's quite important.


Daily rituals?

Every day I wake up and forget to put socks on then spend 2 hours feeling cold and miserable before putting socks on before making lunch idk why I forget to put on socks.

Favourite food?

Vegetarian Indian food. Stop right there! I don't care what you are thinking! I am the biggest carnivore there is but it is like swimming through a saucy heaven.

Do you sleep with your eyes open ever?

Who the hell sleeps with their eyes open wouldn't they fill with dust and crap wow that's some exorcist stuff right there.

Ever dreamt about being an animal, is so which one?

I suppose a cat. I mean they're pretty intelligent and definitely have souls (unlike parrots seriously what's up with them) and they just get fed and petted and loved with the freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want. Or an albatross I suppose they go places that'd be pretty cool.