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Morwenna Carne

Though reconciled with Drake in marriage, Morwenna struggles with intimacy following life with her brutish former husband. With the loss of John Conan still haunting her, Morwenna finds her old life overlapping with the new, but as the community come to increasingly rely on her she finds herself growing into a new role with a hope she had not foreseen.

Ellise Chappell on Morwenna

"Morwenna helps start a school to teach the young children in the community to read so they can hopefully one day make something better of themselves.

So to be able to have a real purpose is an incredible thing for her
Ellise Chappell

"Up until this point Morwenna had spent so long being isolated with no real purpose, stuck in that life as a Whitworth.

"Now she is in a new environment where she is again an outsider because she is not one of the villagers and she is seen as this lady who doesn’t belong there.

"So to be able to offer something, to use her skills and have a real purpose is an incredible thing for her. That is where she started; she began as a governess to Geoffrey Charles so to be able to use those skills to help people and to focus her attention on something good is wonderful."

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