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Richard Locke

The dishy doctor turned many heads when first in Ambridge in the 1990s.

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Played by:
William Gaminara
20 January 1963
Lives at:
Keepers Cottage (renting)

He moved in with Usha Gupta (now Franks) and for a while they seemed a very happy couple.

I always meant to call in
Dr Richard Locke

But when he treated tiny Dan Hebden (now Hebden Lloyd) for juvenile arthritis, he became dangerously close to Dan's mother, Shula. They started an affair. This destroyed Richard's friendship with Alistair Lloyd, and Shula's friendship with Usha.

When Shula could not leave her beloved Ambridge to be with him, he left the village in disgust.

It took some time, but eventually Alistair and Shula got together. Things could have been very different...

Immediate family

  • Chloe (Wife - separated)
  • Sasha (Daughter)

Key Relationships