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Hazel Woolley

Jack Woolley adopted the daughter of his second wife Valerie in 1968.

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Played by:
Annette Badland
15 February 1956
Single, as far as anyone knows
Claims to work in the film business

Poisonous Hazel made one of her mercifully rare visits to Ambridge in summer 2005 and only left having failed to persuade Jack to sign Grey Gables over to her.

She never visited her father in all the time he was in a care home. But when Jack died in January 2014, Hazel arrived full of crocodile tears and became a very wealthy woman - although she had hoped for even greater riches, to Peggy's disgust.

She also became the owner of the building used by the Ambridge Community Shop, and Keeper's Cottage, rented by the Grundys.

Are you sure the estate hasn't been mismanaged?
Hazel Woolley
  • Likes - Counting her inheritance in advance
  • Dislikes - Getting caught out
  • Highs - Being adopted by Jack
  • Lows - Claiming an American family as her own

Immediate family

Peggy Woolley

Key relationships

Eddie Grundy (Tenant)