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4. Raury


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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“It's not just his songwriting and sonic versatility that sets Raury apart from the rest, he also has enough charisma to propel him into the superstar bracket.” Tom Cotton, Head Of Music, Amazing Radio

In Raury you have a raw honesty that you don't usually find in American artists his age from the scene he's come from. For once, he's an artist that more than justifies the hype around him
MistaJam, Presenter, BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, rapper, producer: Raury is a musical prodigy, who wrote his first song - Oh Little Fishy - at the age of three.

Born Raury Tullis in the suburb of Stone Mountain, East Atlanta, he taught himself to play guitar at the age of 11 using YouTube videos, and schooled himself in the history of popular music – from Phil Collins to Kanye West.

His empowering, adventurous lyrics and musical wanderlust have caught the attention of his peers, with fellow Atlanta band OutKast giving him their seal of approval, and Lorde inviting him to contribute to the Hunger Games: Mockingjay soundtrack.

“Raury has an authentic, conscious and open approach that really shines through in his music. He refuses to conform to one particular style or genre - his perspective is so refreshing. A real artist and inspiration for today’s generation.” Mark Lampo, Content Programmer, MixRadio, Microsoft

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