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Sara Blonstein

Sara's style is a film and fashion inspired, eclectic mix of 20th century interiors.

1. Who is your style hero?

Barbara Hulanicki, the creator of BIBA; and Busby Berkeley, the 30s Hollywood choreographer.

2. If you had an unlimited budget to spend on your home what improvements would you make?

I would get rid of all recessed spot lights in my ceilings and replace them with tin tiles and plaster cast light roses.

3. Would you have the room you created in your own home?

I was definitely thinking of re doing my bedroom in the peacock wallpaper. The wardrobes were based on those I have in my walk in wardrobe room.

4. What is your golden rule when it comes to interior design?

Have one inspiration, stick to it and base everything around that original idea.

5. What is your DIY tool that you just can’t live without?

I don’t have a DIY tool. I pay people to do the labor.

6. What is your biggest DIY achievement?

I don’t do DIY. I create it and get the correct people to execute it.

7. What’s your biggest DIY disaster?

No disasters.

8. If you could design a room in any building in the world, what room would you design and why?

I would re design the Queen’s bedroom as I love her and I know she would love me.