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Jakob Hakansson

Known by his colleagues as 'Mr Belt-and-Braces', Jakob leaves nothing to chance.

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Played by:
Paul Venables

Jakob was born in Stockholm to a Swedish father and English mother, before moving to London as a child. A man of few words, Jakob often seems to prefer the company of horses to humans. While his sharp tongue and brutal honesty have rubbed certain villagers up the wrong way, Jakob's brooding temperament and good looks mean he isn't short of female attention. It took Alistair some time to adjust to Jakob's reserved ways and although they're hardly best friends, Jakob's fastidious attention to detail means that professionally they're a force to be reckoned with.

It's not for me to comment on a fellow vet.
  • Likes - Horses, Rioja, quiet pubs
  • Dislikes - Shires ale, gossip, deep conversations, cake

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