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Afia Masood

Afia was adventurous and straight to the point. She didn't sugar-coat the truth, and didn't follow everyone else.

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First appearance:
29th December 2009
Last appearance:
7 June 2012
Co-owned and ran Argee Bhajee/Optician's receptionist

Afia knew what she wanted - and how to get it. Which is how she and Tamwar got together. And ultimately how their marriage fell apart.

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Afia Masood
  • Favourite attire: Trainers - she's a tomboy at heart
  • Favourite food: Khir
  • Beliefs: Afia is a Muslim but she didn't really do the whole Ramadan thing before marrying Tamwar
  • Transport: Rides a scooter for the Argee Bhajee business

If Afia had been the shy and retiring type, she'd still be waiting for Tamwar to make a move. They married in secret, then had a second traditional family wedding.

But outside forces rocked their relationship. Her father Yusef drove a wedge through Tamwar's family, and nearly destroyed his mother. Yusef died in a fire, in which Tamwar received serious burns.

Tamwar and Afia's relationship never quite recovered. Ultimately, they realised that they wanted different things from life - Afia left on her moped for travel and adventure, Tamwar stayed at home with his mum.

Meryl Fernandes

  • EastEnders was Meryl's first professional acting role, although she has also appeared in the show as a schoolgirl extra!
  • She has also starred in a variety of television shows, including the smash hit drama Doctor Who¬†and Minder, alongside none other than resident cheeky-chappy Shane Richie!
  • On stage, Meryl has dazzled audiences at the National Theatre in The Man of Mode and A Matter of Life and Death