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Annabelle Schrivener

A very sharp cookie.

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Played by:
Julia Hills
Solicitor, Chair of Borchester Land

Property lawyer Annabelle was brought onto Borchester Land's board as its legal expert. But in 2014, she replaced Brian Aldridge in the chair, in a coup engineered by Justin Elliott.

I know the law's on our side, but let's handle this carefully
Annabelle Schrivener
  • Likes - Running, a little mystery about her private life
  • Dislikes - Losing. At anything.
  • Highs - Becoming Chair of Borchester Land
  • Lows - Overtraining before the Felpersham marathon

Key relationships

  • Brian Aldridge (Former ally) - Brian used to be grateful for her expertise and people skills. Until...
  • Matt Crawford (Foe) - She was one of the prime movers in ousting him as Borsetshire Land chairman
  • Justin Elliott (Colleague) - She does his dirty work on the BL board