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Steven Beale

Steven was always a troubled child. His spell in New Zealand clearly didn't help him resolve his issues with Ian...

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First appearance:
28th December 1989
45 Albert Aquare

From the moment he returned to the Square it was pretty clear that Steven was, erm, a little bit emo to say the least.

Look at me.
Steven Beale

First of all he pretended to be his dead mother (hello issues!!), he held his dad hostage for weeks, then he shot his stepmother, Jane, in the stomach, leaving her unable to have kids. He tried to end it all by dousing the Arches in petrol.

After a stint in hospital, Steven returned to cause further mayhem, accusing Christian of coming on to him and then covering for runaway Lucy - whilst lying to his sister that the frantic Beales had barely noticed her missing. The last straw came when he tried to smother his nana, Pat, when she threatened to reveal his plot to keep Lucy from her family.

As Pat chomped on the pillow, her devoted grandson wept as he told her how much he loved her. Ian told him never to return to Walford or else he would kill him. Clearly he's forgotten that warning...

Played by Aaron Sidwell