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D’Artagnan is charismatic, impulsive and brave – often recklessly so, if his beloved friends are in danger.

Raised in the countryside and trained as a fighter from boyhood, d’Artagnan is an exceptional swordsman; only Athos can rival him. Despite being the youngest Musketeer, d’Artagnan has seen enough of the world to have grown to despise its corruption. He is an unapologetic idealist and the perfect match for his fearless wife, Constance.

Four years at war and away from Constance have only fuelled d’Artagnan’s fierce appetite for justice. His determination grows ever more valuable during this series, as greed takes hold of Paris and the Musketeers’ enemies draw in.

But d’Artagnan’s friends recognise that while they need his courage to win the day, he also has the most to lose...

Luke Pasqualino

Luke first came to prominence in the BAFTA Award-winning series Skins.

He was subsequently cast alongside Jeremy Irons in the critically-acclaimed drama The Borgias, as a lead role in Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome and in the award-winning sitcom Miranda. Having played d’Artagnan in all three series of The Musketeers, he has recently been cast in BBC One’s Our Girl.

Luke’s film work includes ensemble thriller Snowpiercer, independent film Smartass and the forthcoming Solar Eclipse: Depth of Darkness.

In 2015, he won The Times Breakthrough Award at The South Bank Sky Arts Awards.