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Josh and Felix

Best friends and business partners both at a personal and professional crossroads

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32, co-owner of arts venue from London
32, co-owner of arts venue from London

Why did you decide to take part?

Josh: Each year Felix and I generally set out to undertake an adventure, a challenge. Taking a break from our busy London lives, give ourselves some space and perspective and to challenge ourselves to take on a physical quest and come back inspired by the cultures we have passed through and the people we have met. When we saw this opportunity come up it struck all the right chords in terms of an epic adventure and crazy challenge, but also it came along at a time when we were at a cross roads in our careers. For the past four years we have run an arts centre in Tottenham that we built from the ground up – this year it is scheduled for demolition – so with that in mind and staring our mid-thirties in the face we are presented with a dilemma of what direction to head in next.

Felix: Every year we tend to do a crazy challenge together, whether it is running away with the circus to Moscow, cycling from Canada to Mexico, putting on huge plays or getting lost in the Balkans. In 2018, we hadn’t done anything crazy yet, and had some time as our business was in full swing so we saw the advert that said “Are you up for an adventure?” and the rest was history….