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Verity Sharp

Verity grew up surrounded by chickens, sheep and horses on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset – a countryside setting which, combined with daily rides and regular family walks, fostered her dreams of becoming a vet from an early age. Fortunately, for us, she decided to pursue her other great love - music.

After graduating from The University of York, where she nurtured her interest in classical cello, and fiddle (and her burgeoning interest in the wider world of musical possibilities), Verity produced and anchored Pebble Mill’s Music Machine programme before going on to front BBC2’s Culture Show. She’s a familiar face of the Proms and one of the founding voices of Late Junction. She’s has also recorded TV documentaries and is the voice you might recognise in the audio guides for the British Museum and Tate Modern.

Yet, despite enjoying the buzz of city life, the need to be surrounded by the countryside has never left her,. When not leafing through a hefty music collection, Verity finds nourishment in the naked landscapes and ancient monuments of Wiltshire. In 2012, she completed her RHS Diploma in Horticulture, and when not gracing the airwaves with her dulcet tones, her interest in botany and horticulture finds her making a haven for wildlife in her very own garden.