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Lady Helen Hamlyn


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Professional Field
Charity and philanthropy
Place of Birth
St Christopher's, Letchworth, Herts; St Alban's School of Art; Royal College of Art

Helen Hamlyn is a one of Britain's best-known philanthropists. Together with her husband Paul Hamlyn she began philanthropic work in the fields of the arts, education and social justice which continues in the form of the Helen Hamlyn Trust.

She came to attention in the eighties and nineties for her work to increase access to the Royal Opera House. The Helen Hamlyn Centre for inclusive design at the Royal College of Art was founded in her name 1999, following an endowment from the Trust, and seeks to undertake design projects that improve lives.


Lady Helen Hamlyn - one of Britain's best known philanthropists.

"First you see the problem, then you find the answer, then you design something..."

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