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Randall Brown

Played by Peter Capaldi

Randall Brown is the new head of news the The Hour, a witty, forward-thinking maverick. His eccentric and perplexing management style can infuriate his co-workers - but hides a brilliance that will reinvigorate The Hour. Alongside his commitment to the show, Randall has other motives for returning to London – namely, Lix. They share something very special, something that Randall wants to find again.

Peter Capaldi

Capaldi is also known for his role as Malcom Tucker in the BBC Two political satire sitcom The Thick of It, for which he won the 2010 BAFTA Television Award for Male Performance in a Comedy Role.


Randall warns Bill off Hector

Freddie shows interest in Isaac’s play and Randall warns Bill off trying to poach Hector.

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