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Jenny Flint

Jenny Flint is married to Madame Vastra and lives with her in Paternoster Row, London. She is a skilled fighter, expert with a sword and the Eleventh Doctor suggested she was his ‘favourite lock-picking Victorian chambermaid’!

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During an adventure on Trenzalore, Jenny had her heart restarted by Strax!
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Jenny Flint can be the perfect foil to Vastra. Whereas her wife is blunt to the point of insensitivity, Jenny tries to remain tactful. When Vastra was clearly infuriated by Clara’s inability to accept the newly regenerated Doctor, for example, Jenny was gentler. ‘It’s still him, ma’am,’ she said of the sleeping Time Lord. ‘You saw him change.’

Sorry, ma’am… I think I’ve been murdered!

We first encountered Jenny Flint in London during the 1880s where she appeared to be Vastra’s maid. When the Doctor needed a small band of friends to help rescue Amy and her baby, Jenny didn’t hesitate and looked delighted when Vastra said, ‘Pack the cases… And we’re going to need the swords!’

That particular excursion took Jenny to Demons Run where she seemed unfazed by the futuristic environment, a possible indication that she had accompanied her Silurian friend to similar places in the past. Jenny fought well and bravely, resolutely staying by Vastra’s side despite the overwhelming odds they both faced.

She showed equally courage going under cover to investigate evil goings-on in Sweetville and at one point was willing to take on a group of opponents single handed. She again showed bravery in battle when she, Vastra and Strax arrived at Mancini’s, gamely taking on Half-Face Man’s forces even when defeat seemed inevitable.

Her softer side was in evidence when she comforted the distraught Amy Pond on Demons Run, and defended the Doctor. ‘It’s not his fault,’ she gently pointed out as Amy tried to come to terms with the temporary loss of her baby. It was an aspect she showed again when back in London. After she, Vastra and Strax failed to coax the Doctor out of retirement, she seemed the saddest of the trio. ‘I think he means it,’ she murmured unhappily.

Luckily she’s got a thick skin when it comes to Vastra’s barbs about humans being apes, and she uses sarcasm as a response to some of her more questionable comments. When her wife explained, ‘Jenny and I are married. Yet for appearance’s sake, we maintain a pretence, in public, that she is my maid,’ Jenny raised an eyebrow. ‘Doesn't exactly explain why I'm pouring tea in private,’ she noted, adding, ‘Good pretence, isn’t it?’