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About Outside Source

Using the Outside Source screen, Ros can access all the latest reports, news wires, social media, stills, video feeds and briefings being fed into the BBC News system.

Distinctions between TV and online are blurred on Outside Source, as the latest technology allows the programme to combine reporting, collation and first-hand experiences. And more so than ever the audience is involved in contributing to the BBC's coverage of the main stories of the day.

It also gives the viewer and insight into the processes and decisions that are informing the way stories are told. We will tell what we know, but also we do not know and what we are trying to find out.

It is a news programme that looks like no other, and whose evolutionary style of story-telling is rooted in the online news experience.

Outside Source is on BBC World News at 17:00 GMT Monday-Thursday and also on BBC World Service radio at 10:05 GMT Monday-Friday

Follow Outside Source and Ros Atkins on twitter @BBCOS and @BBCRosAtkins respectively.