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Ronnie Mitchell

Ronnie's the elder Mitchell sister. She's inherited the 'no-nonsense' Mitchell gene and she's loyal to her family, especially her sister, Roxy.

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First appearance:
24th July 2007
Last appearance
1st January 2017 (Deceased)
Gym owner

Unlike her spontaneous sister, Roxy, sensible, no-nonsense Ronnie is ruled by her head, not her heart. Perhaps that's where her problems originated?

Ronnie is a complicated character - stemming from her relationship with her controlling father, Archie. He abused her as a child and forced her to give up her daughter, Danielle, as a 14 year old mother. Ronnie was heartbroken when the pair were reunited just moments before Danielle tragically died.

The key word with Ronnie is control - something that's important to any Mitchell.

Played by Samantha Womack