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Charlie Smith

Played by Greg Austin

Charlie might seem a little odd – he’s reserved, posh and doesn’t really ‘fit in’ at Coal Hill. Cultural references, sarcasm, jokes - in fact normal teenage life just goes completely over his head. But you can forgive him for that when you realise he’s not a normal teenager at all…

Is this not right? The schools in Sheffield were very different…

Charlie is an alien Prince from the beautiful planet Rhodia, and the very last of his kind. Forced to flee his planet when Rhodia is invaded and obliterated by the monstrous Shadow Kin, Charlie has ended up at Coal Hill utterly alone – with only his enemy Miss Quill for company.

Bewildered by his new life, Charlie finds a sense of belonging only in Matteusz, who is also a stranger to London.

Charlie has only one thing left to remind him of Rhodia and the Royal Family that he’s lost – something so powerful that it could be truly devastating.