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Caroline Enys

Caroline finds a new distraction in championing the Despards but old insecurities arise as she joins her friends against their common enemy and finds she must battle with her demons once again.

Gabriella Wilde on Caroline

"Caroline is still recovering from the loss of her daughter Sarah, although quite internally.

Dwight and Caroline are trying to reconnect
Gabriella Wilde

"Dwight and her are trying to reconnect and rebuild their relationship and whilst neither of them has fully recovered from the loss of their child, which for Caroline has manifested in insecurity, they are trying to find a way to be happy together once again.

"The arrival of Kitty Despard throws up a lot of those insecurities for Caroline and shows the cracks in their relationship. What is difficult is that Caroline really does admire Kitty, she admires a strong woman but she also feels that Kitty is a lot of things that she isn’t, which is a very tough thing for her to wrap her head around and it is a trigger for a lot of different things that happen this series.

"The most challenging thing was understanding and getting right Caroline’s respect and awe for Kitty but also the insecurity and jealousy she feels because of her. It was a case of her grappling with self-awareness, trying to understand why she is feeling this way and admitting it to herself or not and how that plays out."

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