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Roger Bolton

Roger Bolton is the presenter of Feedback on Radio 4. His first memory of BBC radio is of Educating Archie. It took him a long time to realise its star was a dummy - ventriloquism on radio is a daunting concept.

Roger regularly failed to learn his Sunday School verses because he couldn't stop listening to Hancock's Half Hour on Sunday lunchtimes. When he joined the BBC as a general trainee he worked for Malcolm Muggeridge on The Question Why, and has been asking that question ever since.

Roger Bolton ran Panorama, Tonight and Nationwide and was fired twice over coverage of the Irish Troubles.

He joined Thames TV to run This Week, where his "Death on the Rock" programme almost got him fired again. When the company lost its franchise, he was once more redundant.

Roger set up an independent production company, specialising in religion, current affairs and history, and began to present. A poacher turned game keeper, he fronted Channel 4's Right to Reply series for five years. From 1998 to 2010 Roger presented Sunday, Radio 4's main programme for religious news and current affairs. He now presents Feedback, which reflects the questions and concerns of radio listeners and challenges the BBC on their behalf.

He says "I am passionate about cherishing the idea of public service broadcasting and about the need for the BBC to be accountable to its audience."