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Zsa Zsa Carter

Rebellious, outspoken tomboy, Zsa Zsa Carter had a lot in common with her Aunt Shirley, though she never would have admitted it.

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First appearance:
5th January 2010
Last appearance:
30th September 2010
Cafe worker

Zsa Zsa was bright, but extremely stubborn. Like Shirley, sarcasm came easy to this teenage wild child. But unlike bitter Shirley, Zsa Zsa didn't have the lifetime of regret to go with it.

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Zsa Zsa Carter

She arrived in Walford on the run from her mum's ex-boyfriend, and she fell in with new mates Fatboy, Mercy and Leon.

Zsa Zsa and Leon embarked upon a relationship, but the mixture of her tempestuousness and his immaturity led to a run of break-ups and make-ups. When Zsa Zsa discovered that Leon had got Lucy Beale pregnant, and had kissed Whitney she took revenge as only Zsa Zsa can - conspiring to get him lost in some woods in Hampshire.

The pair finally reunited, but when Zsa Zsa discovered that Leon had slept with Glenda Mitchell, she seduced Leon and kicked him into the Square in his underwear, leaving Walford for France.

Played by Emer Kenny