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LIKES TO SEW: Figure hugging, feminine dresses which she designs from her head

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Chinelo is one of the least experienced sewers of the group – although you’d never guess that when you watch her sew.

Her husband gets credit for encouraging her after he bought her a sewing machine two years ago. After it sat gathering dust for three months Chinelo decided to plug it in and give it a go. She was instantly hooked and hasn’t stopped since making clothes for herself, family and friends.

Chinelo is a devoted member of her local church and recently sewed the entire choir’s uniforms in just 48 hours. Ambitious Chinelo would eventually like to be a fashion designer with her own line of clothes.

Chinelo learnt to sew from her Nigerian aunty who taught her the African method, so she approaches sewing in a more organic way to the rest of the contestants, taking the body’s measurements and freehand cutting. Chinelo believes her method of sewing will bring to light a ‘craft that is generally not recognised in the Western world’.


The trouble with mannequins

The contestants have new mannequins in the sewing room.