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Geoff Sample

More about Geoff

Geoff Sample was a fledgeling naturalist by the age of 10, a budding guitarist by 15, and studied Greek literature at university. After a spell in the music business, playing guitar and producing records, he has spent the last 22 years recording and studying wildlife sound, with a special focus on birdsong.

He’s the author/producer of a series of audio guides published by HarperCollins, including the best-selling Collins Bird Songs and Calls, as well as other publishers, the British Trust for Ornithology and Scottish Natural Heritage; and he regularly leads workshops, gives talks and performances at festivals and conferences.

Alongside his natural history work Geoff regularly collaborates with artists and musicians on creative projects, from the multi-screen installation ‘Dawn Chorus’ with Marcus Coates, to providing field recordings for Kate Bush and John Cage albums. He’s currently working with Hanna Tuulikki on a body of work exploring the mimesis of birds in Gaelic song traditions.

He lives in Northumberland, on the edge of the Cheviots, and keeps busy documenting the dawn chorus in the best remaining examples of European habitat types, or working up antiphonies with the blackbirds in his garden. He describes himself as a zoomusicologist and feels music is a language common to all animal life.