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Ray Penvenen

Caroline's kindly, sweet-toothed old Uncle who has raised her since she was orphaned. Ray is one of the county's most wealthy and powerful gentlemen.

John Nettles on Ray

"Ray is a foursquare, Cornish landed gentry with a broad Cornish accent and very sure of himself. His ward is Caroline Penvenen, his niece, with whom he is besotted and whom he is desperately trying to marry off within the confines of the mores of the time.

Ray prefers cows to people
John Nettles

"He lives as a bachelor and is essentially a lonely man. His best line, which I think gives the greatest insight into his character, is that he prefers cows to people…

"‘I’ve always fancied myself playing in a Cornish drama because I am originally from Cornwall and I now live on the borders of Cornwall and Devon. The accent comes back easily. It’s a lovely, warm accent and it is so hugely expressive - I love listening to a Cornishman talk."

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