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Tom Ravenscroft

Hear Tom every Friday, 9pm - midnight

A modern day musical anti-hero, Tom is a talented club DJ with a record collection to die for. When playing live Tom selects diverse and eclectic tracks featured on his radio show. The result - an up-tempo mash up of pioneering underground music, and at breakneck speed! Tom can take you on a truly unique journey through the realms of new music.

After finishing University and moving straight to London, he started out working on music related television programs. In 2005 this led to John Peel's Record Box, part of Channel 4's accompaniment to the UK Music Hall of Fame, in which he was fortunate enough to travel around Britain and the U.S interviewing seminal musicians such as Elton John, Jack White and Damon Albarn.

Shortly after he began a weekly column in The Times where he was given a forum to discuss new bands and emerging trends in the British music scene, covering everything from folk and heavy metal to electronica and dubstep.

With a vastly expanding record collection and a keen eye for spotting the best of unsigned and new music, Channel 4 approached Tom to present their Slash Music Show on 4Radio and later the New Music Download. Both shows were extremely well received not just by audiences but also by artists, many of whom were subsequently picked up and played on other radio stations, and record labels, some of whom had previously found it hard to find an outlet for their music. The shows also managed to create a great relationship with those listeners who were themselves making music, providing a platform for them to get their music heard.

During all of this Tom has always returned to his love of DJing, appearing at festivals and clubs around the country.