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Ola Jordan

Small and energetic!

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Ola's speciality is Latin American and her favourite dance is the Samba: "It's without doubt my favourite dance – it's fast, it's rhythmical and there is so much body movement." Her professional dance partner is her husband, James Jordan, who she's been dancing professionally with for over 10 years.

I'm fun and bouncy and I think that's exactly what the Samba is all about!
Ola Jordan

Ola joined Strictly in Series 4 and has been paired with DJ Spoony, Kenny Logan, Andrew Castle, Chris Hollins, Robbie Savage and Paul Daniels.

In 2009, in what she describes as ''the best achievement ever'', Ola and Chris Hollins won Strictly Come Dancing. Ola remarked: ''To be able to go all the way to the final with Chris, a friend and someone who had never danced before, was such an achievement''. They were nicknamed 'Team Cola' and their relationship was endearing and loved by the nation.

Since Ola danced upto week four with EastEnders actor Sid Owen, before dancing up to week 11 lwith Hollyoaks actor Ashley Taylor Dawson - after five scores of 35 in a row. In 2014 she made it through to week nine with ‘Wild Thing’, Steve Backshall. Partnered up with Iwan Thomas in her final year, the couple were sadly the first to leave the 2015 series.


Ola was born in Poland, in a small town called Legionowo (near Warsaw). She lived there until she came to England aged 17. Ola's mother is called Janina and her father is called Gariusz. She has one older sister, Monika, who is a pharmacist.

She won the Open Polish Championship in 1999 at 17 years old, and went on to the World Championships where she was placed in the Top 12 in November 1999.

Ola split from her dance partner shortly after the World Championships, and was in the process of looking for a new partner when James Jordan phoned her and asked if he could come to Poland and try-out to be her partner. So, in March 2000, James arrived in Poland and they matched perfectly. In April 2000, Ola moved to England.

They started to compete together for a couple of years, and after getting married in October 2003, moved to Hong Kong. They first took part in Strictly Come Dancing in Series 4.


Ola is a yoga fanatic - which is handy for a dancer, keeping you supple and toned. She also loves shopping as it helps her to relax!

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