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Clive Horrobin

Clive is a thoroughly bad egg

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Played by:
Alex Jones
9 November 1972
Plumber / criminal

...much to his family's shame.

He was sentenced to twelve years for the horrific culmination of his vendetta against George Barford, who was instrumental in getting Clive prosecuted for a string of burglaries.

A serial troublemaker, Clive's spells in prison seem simply to serve as a brief respite between ever more shocking bouts of violent crime.

Susan, you've got to help me
Clive Horrobin
  • Likes - Getting his way
  • Dislikes - Being banged up
  • Highs - Getting work from Matt Crawford
  • Lows - So many, most of them involving the rattle of keys

Immediate family

Key relationships

  • Christine Barford (Foe) - She blames him for her husband George's death
  • Neil Carter (Foe) - Neil is normally mild-mannered, but he'll make an exception in Clive's case
  • Matt Crawford (Foe) - Matt saw off Clive in a stolen metal scam