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Adrian Fletcher

Played by Alex Walkinshaw

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30th June 2012
Ward Manager

In his 30s, Adrian Fletcher - universally known as Fletch - is a little older than your average band 5 nurse, having first trained as a mechanic.

During the recession, Fletch lost the successful business he'd built up and suddenly found himself at a loss. With a third baby on the way and unable to provide for his family for the first time, Fletch needed a steady job. When his wife went into labour in the emergency department, it was the optimistic nursing staff who saw the couple through. There and then Fletch decided to retrain as a nurse.

Fletch is the ultimate cheeky chappy - the kind of entertaining bloke you'd really want to go down the pub and have a laugh with, whether you're male or female. Although Fletch accepts he's starting at the bottom at Holby, he brings a lot of life experience to the job and has an air of authority and maturity.

While he's prepared to take orders from those younger than him and knows he has lots still to learn in terms of practical experience, he isn't afraid to talk back or question something he disagrees with.

Fletch Facts

  • In his first episode he missed his induction with Lloyd - to fix Tess' car!
  • Is the proud dad of three children - Ella, Mikey and Evie.
  • He is often to be found encouraging Lloyd to take life a little less seriously.


Adrian Fletcher: Character trailer

Fletch is the kind of bloke you’d really want to go down the pub and have a laugh with.