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Miss Quill

Played by Katherine Kelly

Severe, sharp and hard as nails – Miss Quill isn’t someone you’d want to cross. She’s witty, cutting and cruel – and she doesn’t like being the Physics teacher at Coal Hill.

I am what waits for you. And I… Am war itself.
Miss Quill

The students might think she’s unreasonable, but Quill is in torment. Once the leading terrorist for the Quill Resistance back on the planet Rhodia, Miss Quill spent her life fighting for freedom against The Rhodian people, only to be imprisoned and subjected to a cruel Rhodian punishment. Forced to have an alien creature live inside her brain and telepathically link her to Charlie as his servant, Quill has now been exiled to London along with him and is sworn to protect her arch-enemy.

Dragged into combatting the threats that menace Coal Hill alongside Charlie and his new friends, Quill struggles to adjust to her enslavement, and, deeply bereaved by the loss of her people, is concealing a real loneliness.